Help – Canvas Printing


How long does it take to receive my canvas print?

Once you have made your purchase it will take 1 – 2 working days for production and 2 – 3 Working days for shipping.

How to change the shipping or billing address?

Please contact us on 08000 842 787 alternatively email us at info@moonlight-photography.co.uk.

Where to input my promotional code / group-buying voucher?

Place your order as you would and once you get to the cart page enter your promotional code in the box labelled “ “.


Can I purchase any canvas bigger or smaller than the options on your website?

Certainly, Please contact us for further information on additional sizes available.

Do you print on any types of medium besides canvas?

Not at the moment, but please keep in touch as this may change in the future.

My canvas has arrived damaged, what shall I do?

All our canvases are hand-made and we ensure that your order is delivered to you as you expect. But sometimes things can happen, so we kindly ask you to take a photo of the damaged product and contact us. We will ship out a replacement as soon as possible.

I’m not happy with the Canvas I’ve received, how do I go about returning it?

Wait! Lets talk about it go to our contact page and tell us why your unhappy with your canvas. You are important to us.



Care & Use

How to clean/ maintain my canvas?

A soft duster would be the best way to do this.

Can I hang my artwork outside?

Although your canvas has a protective varnished coating its resistance to sunlight is limited. We advice that no artwork should be hung in direct sunlight for a lengthy period of time and is also not guaranteed to be 100% waterproof.



What image type does Moonlight Photography accept?

Our website allows JPEG, or PNG.


What is the maximum file size you can accept through your website?

50MB. If you have a larger image contact us and we’ll provide you with an alternative.

Can you fix my image if it is pixelated?

Not a problem! We can implement variety of effects which we use to mask/ reduce pixilation on your image.

What is your privacy policy with regards to the use of my image?

We only use your images for your purposes only. Please see our customer services section.

I would like to change the image that I originally submitted with my order. How do I do this?

Contact us as soon as possible via phone, email and we will provide you with instructions on how to send us your new image.

What size image is recommended for the best possible canvas print?

2 MB or greater without us using low-resolution filters on the print.

I’m not sure if my image is copyrighted or not?

This is taken very seriously and we would advice that if you are not sure, there are alternative ways for you to get hold of this please contact us for more information.

Can text be added to my image?

Certainly! Just simple click ‘lets get started’ and add your preferred size, font, colour, location and most importantly the text.


Who do we ship with?

Parcel Force UK only

Will I receive a tracking information once my canvas has shipped?

Yes, we will email you once your order has been shipped.


Do we offer discounts for designer, artists or photographers?

Absolutely! Contact one of our art consultants on Contact us.

Why do you charge my credit card before my product has been produced?

This is to ensure payment before goods are printed to be processed and delivered.

I have cancelled my order, why haven’t I seen a refund on my account?

It can take up to 7 – 10 working days for a refund to process through to your account. Contact us for quires/ concerns.